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Pelton Shepherd Industries

P.O. Box 30218
Stockton, CA 95213-0218

Manufacturing Facilities
Stockton, CA
Atlanta, GA
Kansas City, MO
Columbus, OH

Phone: 209.460.0893
Toll Free: 800.BLUE.ICE (800.258.3423)
Fax: 209.460.1009


About Pelton Shepherd Industries


Pelton Shepherd Industries has been in the gel business since 1950. As the creators of Blue Ice® and the oldest manufacturer of gel ice in the country, we are continually improving our quality assurance and customer service to supply you with the most reliable gel pack formulations on the market today.

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Our multiple formulations and sizes of gel packs are designed to accommodate any of your needs. Whether you are looking for an ice pack for application to the body or shipping of perishables, Pelton Shepherd Industries has your solution. In addition to the health care industry, we serve manufacturers and distributors of products such as hand-carved chocolate, flowers, serums, pharmaceuticals, animal health supplies, seafood, produce, and laboratory test samples.

Audited by major pharmaceutical firms, PSI has implemented the most current quality practices, assuring uniformity in all aspects of our gel manufacturing. From incoming raw material inspection to final weight and dimension tolerance verifications, you can be assured that the quality and performance of each gel pack will be consistent.

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Pelton Shepherd Industries has the solution for your temperature sensitive items. Whether you are shipping fine desserts, frozen foods, or blood samples we can assist you in keeping your product at the desired temperature during transit.



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