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Pelton Shepherd Industries

P.O. Box 30218
Stockton, CA 95213-0218

Manufacturing Facilities
Stockton, CA
Atlanta, GA
Kansas City, MO
Columbus, OH

Phone: 209.460.0893
Toll Free: 800.BLUE.ICE (800.258.3423)
Fax: 209.460.1009



Thermal Shipping Supplies


Pelton Shepherd Industries offers a full line of shipping accessories for temperature sensitive products. 

  • We supply various insulations such as EPS molded foam containers and cut foam box liners, foil bubble pouches and bags, urethane containers, and others. 
  • Our pallet covers can be used in transit or in your warehouse while you are shipping your products to keep the gel ice frozen while fulfilling your packages. 
  • We offer temperature recorders as well. 



Value Added Services


JIT Frozen Delivery

Have your gel packs and refrigerants shipped to you frozen and ready to use.
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Custom Print and Sizing

We will create any size gel pack to meet your requirements. We can design co-branded or custom labeled gel packs and refrigerants to match any need.
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Fulfillment Projects

Have a special project? Call us to assist you with your special refrigerant or temperature controlled shipping needs!
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